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Hi Lisa!!
Saw you on the news just a minute ago speaking about the water bill at CitySide. I had no idea it was so outrageous. Glad you were able to get it all taken care of. I just wanted to say thank you for being so vigilant on our behalf.

Rose Dye
Condominium Homeowner
Beacon is by far one of the best management companies I’ve dealt with in Atlanta. They actually manage at a granular level, looking out for the customer to save money, by using creative and aggressive methods to look out for the customer. We rely on their financial analysis spreadsheets and have used them for bank loan approvals.

James Bradley
Commercial Lender, State Bank
In my opinion, you and Beacon truly have been the best management partner we have had since the community opened. Thanks for caring and all your help!

Bob Carignan
Board Member, City Side Lofts
Beacon Management Services has been the best property management firm we have had at The Windsor in the last 14 years.

Beacon's competitive advantage is their team approach to property management. This is what we like best. In short, we received very little assistance and guidance from senior management at the previous four firms. Beacon has a different service model. Besides a property manager and assistant, you get a lot advice and guidance from senior management. The senior managers at Beacon (Steve, Bruce and James Bailey) work directly with the board on various issues. Our property has benefited from the decades of experience from the senior managers. This allows the property manager to focus on managing the property and providing service to the homeowners. Our homeowners know senior management is committed to our property because they see them at board meetings and around the property throughout the month. In short, Beacon Management has made serving on the board a lot easier for board members. The firm is very proactive, experienced and gets results.

Balaam Elliott
Board Member, Windsor Over Peachtree Condominiums
Thank you so much for your participation and helping to make our Annual Meeting run smooth and a great success as well as our overall operations. You are the ones who are making a great impression on the residents of 1280 West like they have never seen before.
Leo Davis
1280 West
I must acknowledge that you are handling Windsor Over Peachtree matters in a professional manner that is expected. I think all board members are pleased to see how you prepared the package for the board members for the meeting last night and transmitted it electronically in advance for us to review. Learning never ends; I am sure you will grasp all matters for WOP in a short time frame and can make WOP management as an efficient team. There will be whole lots of activities during the actual construction of elevators and the HVAC system.

Effective communications would be vital at that time and I am confident that you will handle it successfully. Sarah already proved her excellent customer service ethics and I am confident that you two as a team can provide outstanding service to all WOP residents. Keep up the good work!

Abdul Momen, Board Member
Windsor Over Peachtree
We drove all last night and reached Delaware at 4.30am--13 hours drive. It was fun to spend time with my son. Thank you for your follow up concerning the water damage. You are doing a great job! And Felicia's and your pleasing personality makes things easier for us homeowners...Best Wishes

Chandresh Seth
Condominium Homeowner
You've been a big help to my family during the move to the new building. You went out of your way to make us feel welcome and answer many questions in a patient way. Our English is not good, yet you explained the rules and policies very clearly.

Juan Cabbrerra
Condominium Homeowner
Lisa arranged all the transfer of documents from our previous Management Company. She set everything up for us and has been working tirelessly for us solving all our outstanding problems which Beacon inherited from our previous mgt. co. She has done an amazing job getting our community back on track. When Bruce Grant joined the firm he jumped right in and has cleaned up our financials got all owners accounts up to date & has worked hand in hand with our attorneys on collections. We cannot be more pleased with Beacon Management and would recommend them to any HOA or Condominium Association.

Arnold Zwickel
POA Board Vice President
I serve as Treasurer of the Property Owners Association and have been a Board Member for several years. At the end of 2011, our association sought out a new management company. We chose Beacon Management Services to be our new community manager. In the short time they have worked with us, we have seen a significantly increased interest in our community. Beacon, in the person of Lisa Simmons, exhibits a strong sense of urgency and attention to detail. She continuously monitors the property, seeks ways to get tasks accomplished at the best value and suggests improvements.

Pete Dingeldey
POA Board Treasurer
Thank you so very much, Lisa, for coming by and taking the time to meet with Lee and me. I know you are a busy lady--now I know you are even busier than I imagined! Good luck on your hiring search. Again, all I can say is thank you for taking such good care of us!! Have a beautifully blessed day!

Marion Wasdin
Condominium Homeowner
I just have to say, THANK YOU! While I expected nothing less from you and Beacon, I'm still impressed, by the clarity, professionalism, and timeliness of communication in this situation. I feel like someone who's been partially blind and was just given the ability to see 20/20 and seeing a whole new world.

Leo Davis
Condominium Board President
I just wanted to THANK YOU AGAIN for coming to see me personally after the big water leak in the building. You actually stopped by on a weekend to see if everything was alright with my unit. You also helped me understand the insurance claim, explaining the complex insurance issues pertaining to our condo insurance. I appreciate all your hard work and know we made the right choice by hiring you!!

John Stevens
Condominium Homeowner
Thanks for your time today. You are doing an excellent job with the community. I will forward you the finalized parking and storage assignments as soon as they are ready. Again thanks so much for handling things so well on everyone's behalf.

Jack Williams
Condominium Developer and Asset Manager


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